What Our Clients Say

You will be required to inform our staff at the International Patients services if any family members will be accompanying you. Our staff will communicate nearby hotels to arrange a comfortable stay according to your budget.

Each country has a different process; it is the patient’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate travel documentation. We will email you a form in letter that confirms your appointments at Central Hospital. We will be happy to provide a receipt of payment in case you need to attach to your travel documentation

Your care center will try their best to accommodate this request. If a physician is available who specializes in your type of treatment, please be assured that we will try out best to schedule you with a physician of your preference.

No, our International Relations Office services are free of charge.

Self-pay patients are expected to pre-pay for all elective or scheduled services prior to receiving care.

What Our Doctor Say

You can send medical records electronically, via email. You should send hard copies of your films or slides via courier services.

You can contact the International Patient Center via telephone, fax or e-mail. Alternatively, you can fill the form available in our website under the patient admission section.

International Patient Coordinators speak different languages such as English, Arabic, Russian, and Georgian.

Coverage depends on the patient's insurance policy.